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Make a Homemade Beauty Product



DIY Berry-Yogurt Mask

Not only will this mask taste delicious, the berries in it will help fight free radicals, making your skin glow.

Homemade Foundation

We’re on the fence about this one. It’s appealing to make foundation out of ground spices, but it might be hard to get the perfect shade.

DIY Salt Spray

Make those beach summer waves last into the fall without dropping a ton at the salon. This homemade spray is incredibly quick to whip up.

Ultra Moisturizing Avocado Hair Mask

Give those split ends the royal treatment with this nourishing hair mask. We predict shiny locks in your future.

DIY Shaving Bar Soap

Meant to be used with a shaving brush, this bar soap has a better lather because of the added white or French clay. You’ll also find recipes for shave gel and cream here


Success stories

Christine Kangah

Sep 29 at 12:19 pm

Tamsin Bramwell

Feb 06 at 13:42 pm
Took a claas

amber verniel

Mar 14 at 16:16 pm

Savi Khanal

Jan 04 at 01:09 am
made face masked couple of times.

Manu Wehren

Jan 01 at 14:40 pm
schloss Lembeck 2014

Mélany Boivin

Dec 17 at 18:14 pm
made my own scrub and cream

Melissa Marquez

May 23 at 00:32 am
Made a body and face scrub. Need to try more.