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Make a Gong



Five steps to make a gong.

Gather your materials

To build your homemade gong, you will need a disposable cake or pie pan, an electric drill, and some string or twine for hanging it. You can use nearly anything for a mallet, but it will need to have a long handle and a relatively soft head.

Drill holes in the pie pan for hanging

The gong will need holes to be suspended with the string. Begin by fitting your electric drill with a bit just wider in diameter than your string. Drill 2 holes near the top of the pan, about 6 inches (15 cm) apart.

Loop the string through the gong

Begin by passing the string through the first hole from back to front, and then pass the string through the second hole from front to back. Tie the loose end of the string to the other side of the string to create a loop of string about the same diameter as the pie pan. Cut off any excess string with scissors.

Construct a mallet for striking the gong

You can improvise a gong mallet from materials you already have in your home. For example, a small mallet can be made by poking the tip of a pencil through a wine cork. Hold the pencil in your hand and strike the center of the gong with the cork end. An alternative is to take a long object such as a pencil or wooden spoon and wrap electric tape thickly around one end to form a bulb shape. Use the taped end for striking the gong.

Suspend the gong from a stand if desired

The gong can be played by holding it from the stringed loop and striking it with your free hand. If you want to mount your Chinese gong from a stand, however, you can build one from materials you have around your home. The string loop should be hung from a horizontal brace supported by 2 vertical pillars on each side. These supports can be made from cardboard, PVC pipe, or any other sturdy household material you have.


Success stories

Nirlisha Pillay

Jan 12 at 01:08 am
Nanhua Buddhist temple visit, where we attended workshops and experienced a different culture. We made a gong, released balloons and Chinese lanterns, lit incense and enjoyed good food after seeing the temples