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Live in a Different Country for at Least Six Months




Find a destination with a low cost of living. Of course you should always consider safety very high on your list but there are many countries you can go that are safe, cheap, and amazing! Places in Central America and in South East Asia have some amazing and cheap places to visit. Trust me, there are plenty more.

Consider arriving at your destination in the off season, costs are considerably cheaper on the low season.

Travel Slow

Find a spot, then get comfy. Moving around a country can eat up your budget FAST. So find somewhere you want to be and then stop. Dig into the culture. Soak it up. And go home changed. There is no reason to rush and see it all. You'll in fact miss everything if you're worried about getting to everything.


Figure out exactly how much money you have going OUT a month, how much you have coming IN. Anything left over goes directly into savings. Seriously, you have to make it a priority. When you do this; travel is possible. Don't go out buying new clothes for your trip, new luggage etc. You don't really need it. Save money on all those travel size items by NOT buying them. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste… those are things you can find almost anywhere in the world.

Things we've done to save money:

Stop going out to eat. Period. Make weekly meal plans. Saves on the grocery bill; honest. Condense your errands to save on gas money. Try to drive less. No extra activities (movies, bars, arcades, etc.) unless they're free. No cable. If it's not online somewhere to watch it's probably not worth watching. We've just stopped buying "stuff." Our can opener makes me want to scream, we need a new one. BUT it still works and thats the bottom line. Stop buying things that are on sale! Our dog ate my favorite pair of flip flips, you know the ones that you could wear with just about anything. BUT I still have other shoes… so I don't need to buy those clearance flip flops. Right? Do side jobs and/or sell items. All the money goes straight into savings.

Reduce Bills

While you're living abroad, get your bills that you'll still be responsible for while you traveling as LOW as you can. We took an hour of our time and made a few phone calls and cut all of our "at home" bills down by 90% for the time we are going to be gone. So my best advice if you're planning on skipping out of the country for a few months… make a few phone calls to check your options.

Cell phone: Call and ask for a "seasonal standby." With Sprint you can have your service suspended for months at a time for $9 a month per line. But note that for each month your service is suspended it will add another month to your service contract.

Car loan: Call your banks that your loans are through. They may be able to also do the same thing. For a small fee you may be able to miss a few payments, tacking them onto the end of the loans. (Warning: You may end up paying more interest this way.)

Cable/internet service: We use a company named LocalTel for our internet. They allow people to stop service while they're away. When we arrive home we will have to pay a $20 hook up fee, that's it. No contracts broken and no other fees associated.

Credit Cards: If you've been making more than the minimum payment then take the time you are gone to just make that minimum payment for a while and cut yourself a break. Or even try a phone call to the company to see if you can't skip payments and have them added to the end. (You may also end up paying more interest this way.)

Mortgage/rent: We are lucky enough that we won't be responsible for rent while we are gone. Our home in Nebraska has wonderful tenants in it, which covers the mortgage payment. And as long as we move our personal belonging out of the park house we won't be paying rent in Washington. But if you aren't in this situation…


Success stories

Gigi-Lee Wewege

Jan 01 at 11:11 am
I spent a winter in Canada as an exchange student. this was the most difficult time of my life...

Elisa K

Aug 29 at 23:58 pm
Australia 2k17

Lizzie Whalen

Mar 20 at 15:06 pm
done this a couple of times and plan on many more but currently living up a mountain in canada learning to ski and snowboard

Pilar Uría

Feb 28 at 07:07 am

Lisa Taylor

Feb 16 at 01:04 am

Savi Khanal

Jan 04 at 01:00 am
from Nepal

sandra ehrig

Jan 03 at 19:07 pm
6 month in Bangkok Thailand

Kimberley Ann

Nov 07 at 14:08 pm
lived one year in Japan and one year in Aruba

traveliseverything _

Nov 18 at 20:50 pm

Orsolya Bokor

Apr 16 at 08:48 am

Szennyai Fanni

Jan 24 at 12:28 pm
Austria, Tirol

Erick Cortez

Sep 06 at 06:55 am

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 08:45 am
Manchester, GB

Sandra v. d. Linde

Jun 12 at 04:23 am

Nesrin Akbaş

May 18 at 12:36 pm

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 03:54 am
In Spain

Simona Sorrentino

Mar 18 at 23:13 pm
doing it right now


Mar 17 at 07:37 am
loved it so much

Catarina Bordello

Feb 28 at 04:19 am
dublin and fortaleza

lubna karad

Feb 13 at 13:29 pm
i live in singapore for 6 month

The Traveler

Feb 05 at 14:52 pm
Already in 3 different countries!

Aimee Larsen

Jan 29 at 20:55 pm
moved to the Netherlands from UK in Sept 2014

Meepy May

Jan 12 at 14:49 pm
Japan for 12 months.

Kore CF

Jan 07 at 22:22 pm


Jan 04 at 23:38 pm
working holiday in nz. I've lived in different countries for long term for few times.

Viviana White

Jan 04 at 21:56 pm
I live in England for 7yrs now and I was born in Hungary. Now im planning to move to Switzerland

Nyssa Kirby

Jan 03 at 22:52 pm
Worked as a holiday rep in Egypt

Annika Timm

Dec 28 at 14:22 pm
au pair in Brussels

Ruby Eliason

Dec 20 at 06:19 am
moved from UK to USA. still here 4 years later!

Laurie Gou

Nov 22 at 23:02 pm
Pvt Canada Montreal

JeongWon Choi

Nov 17 at 15:08 pm
in Nagoya