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Learn to speak Norwegian



Norwegian is a language of adventurers and peace keepers, of scientists and explorers. Still not convinced you need to learn Norwegian? Check out our favourite reasons to learn the language!

Norwegian is an easy language

Norwegian is supposed to be an easy language to learn. In case you’re struggling with German, it’s not too late to start with Norwegian now!

Learn a Scandinavian language

Learning Norwegian allows you to easily understand and learn Danish and Swedish in addition. It’s been said that Norwegian is the best starting point for people wanting to learn all the Scandinavian languages!

Norway is one of the best countries to live in in the world

Even though Norway was still classified as a developing nation as recently as 1970, for many years now, it has been rated as the best country for people to live in in the world.

Norwegians take good care of their people and environment, and because they participate so actively in helping others.

Norway is a multicultural nation

Norway has long been a multicultural nation. People from all over the world live in Norway today, but with Norway’s long coast and borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia, people from far and wide of made their way to the country.

Cabin hopping!

The beautiful country of Norway has a network of cabins that people can hike to and use freely all across the country. For an overnight in one of these cabins, you get a clean place to be, a bed, wood for a fire, a place to cook your meal and sometimes the good company of other mountain wanderers.

Vikings were Norwegian

Vikings were remarkable travelers and craftsmen (and sometimes terrible visitors). They made ships that took them around the globe and, by a quirk of nature, many of their ships and their riches and belongings have been found perfectly preserved in peat bogs in Scandinavia.

Inventions and the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights were first studied and understood by Kristian Birkeland (1867-1917) at the turn of the last century. The work was financed with money he made for the invention of how to produce saltpeter (an essential ingredient for fertilizer).

We offer Northern Lights every summer in the evening skies of Skogfjorden (though we can never guarantee when) as well as lots of amazing stories about people like Kristian Birkeland. Come learn about Norway’s many remarkable people and what they have done to make a difference. If you are lucky, we will also show you some of their remarkable discoveries from the sky!

Norwegian is a musical language

Norwegians are often told that it sounds like they’re singing when they talk to each other. Among other things, I’ve heard that people sound like a smurf and a hobbit and that it sounds like an imaginary language and it is very nice.