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Learn to Sew



Save some cash

It’s no secret that sewing can save you money. Knowing how to sew allows you to make simple repairs to garments. Hem your own jeans, sew on a missing button, repair an open seam. All of these will extend a garment’s life and save you a little money.

Sense of Accomplishment

The best reason for learning to sew is the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something handmade. Seeing your own hand-sewn creations ~ well if you’ve ever felt it you know what I’m talking about. Conquering sewing jeans gave me this sense of accomplishment. I now have the confidence to make my own custom-fit jeans anytime I want.

Home Decor

Around the home, sewing can be a real door opener. With an inexpensive sewing machine from Walmart or Joann’s you can take a builder’s grade home and turn it into something magazine worthy. And it doesn’t take a lot of skill or time either. If you can cut fabric and sew a straight line then you can make throw pillows and curtains for every room in your house.


Success stories

Candice Clifford

Dec 01 at 08:12 am
made tads birthday blanket

traveliseverything _

Nov 05 at 05:28 am

Clair Elliott

Jan 02 at 23:27 pm
can do basic hand sewing

Evaleez Voo

Dec 25 at 17:55 pm
Needle and thread all the way

Tribe de Jordyn

Sep 17 at 01:35 am

Rubi Gastelum

Apr 13 at 01:01 am
Both my grAndma and mom know how to sow, they thought me at very young age.

Valentina Lomborg

Apr 08 at 06:03 am
Made a duffle bag first

Tammi Hervol

Apr 05 at 22:13 pm

Shannon Kokkonen

Mar 28 at 04:34 am

Lara van putten

Mar 25 at 21:17 pm
Tasss voor lifeeeep


Mar 02 at 00:10 am
Home economics fashion and fabric made apron, scarf , skirt and school blouse did some knitting and embroidery as well

Cherie Stratton

Mar 01 at 12:11 pm

Sam R

Feb 14 at 03:04 am
I learned how in a class I took, it's not too hard if you have a steady hand.

Lynnaxco Lee

Feb 08 at 18:42 pm

sarah donoghue

Jan 18 at 00:22 am
I learned in school

Kyla Kemp

Dec 18 at 10:26 am
. got boring after a while

Samantha Smith

Dec 02 at 09:01 am
Ive been sewing since I was a little girl,