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Learn to Pole Dance



It’s like Role Playing

Besides the fact that you get to wear 6-inch stilettos when you work out, you also get to be a sex siren for an hour. Coupled with building the leg and arm 3strength needed to climb the pole and hold yourself up and the coordination to follow the choreography, you get to do moves like head and hip rolls, mimicking the sexy dancers you often see at strip clubs (while toning at the same time!)

It’s Much Harder than it Looks

“This aspect of it builds confidence and improves body image and the ability to tackle other seemingly out of reach goals in life,” Traskos says. “This confidence inevitably blends into other areas of your life, including relationships.”

Female Bonding

“Women who take the classes together create great friendships while bonding over the fun of pole dancing,” Traskos says. “Also, no one is catty or judgmental so it’s a place you can be free to look foolish if you want to!”

It’s an Accomplishment

“Participants feel like they have accomplished something great they never really thought possible,” Traskos says. Plus, it’s a safe, fun, and effective way to learn the art of pole dancing. At an advanced level, pole dancing is both a cardio and strength workout, which can burn 800 calories an hour or more!

You Get Individual Attention

Rather than group fitness classes, where one instructor is often teaching a dozen participants or more, pole dancing classes are smaller and more intimate. You get a lot of individual attention from the instructor, similar to personal training sessions.


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