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Learn to Play The Harmonica



Music is a marvelous gift from God. It enables us to express our deepest emotions. It also helps to influence our emotions.

Music can give us peace during times of anxiety. It can lift our spirits when we are down.

Music is most beneficial when we are the maker of music, not merely the listener. It is like the difference between wine and Kool-Aid. The producer of music finds that its benefits are much more intense than the one who merely listens to music. The listener who sings along or dances to music increases the benefit they receive from a song. But it is the instrumentalist who receives the greatest joy.

The harmonica allows the musically challenged to begin enjoying the benefits of music within just a few hours. You do not have to know how to read music to begin playing the harmonica. All you need is a tune in your head. In some ways it is much like humming or whistling. It just takes a few hours of practice to learn where the notes are on your harmonica. After about ten hours of practice everything clicks and it becomes as natural as whistling. You just sing your music through your harmonica without thinking about the numbered holes and whether you blow or draw.

The harmonica is small and you can carry it in your pocket or purse wherever you go. The true harmonica addict will have his instrument with him at all times. However, if your instrument is the piano or trumpet, you do enjoy this benefit.

The harmonica is cheap. You can get a fairly good harmonica for $10 to $20. If someone rips off your instrument or you lose it, it is no big deal. You just buy another one. In fact, most harmonica players will have several accumulated in just a few months.

The harmonica is quiet. You can play your music without complaints from the neighbors. In fact, if you are playing outside on your deck and the neighbors can hear you they will most likely compliment you on what a pleasant experience they had.

You can make your own kind of music on the harmonica. If you have a favorite song you can most likely figure out how to play it on your harmonica. If you prefer hymns or folk songs you can play them on your harmonica.

Once you experience of joy of hearing yourself playing music on your harmonica you become addicted. You will find yourself looking for opportunities to sneak off by yourself for your harmonica fix. It becomes your drug, your stimulant and your sedative.


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