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Learn to Play the Glockenspiel



The glockenspiel is a small percussion instrument that looks like a xylophone without legs. Similar to a piano except that you have to hit the notes with a mallet, the glockenspiel produces a pleasant 'chime' sound. The tone of this instrument is beautiful, and it is also very fun and easy to play!


Success stories

Bucketlist127 User

Dec 09 at 11:18 am
been a member in our elementary school band before and so I learned how to handle a big glockenspiel. occasionally played on some events and even won in a competition. it wasnt until I added this simple achievement in my bucketlist that it felt as simple and yet so great experience I had before :) haha!

Alexa Stevens

Feb 08 at 15:25 pm
When I was very young, my mother made me learn this instrument. I even have it on tape!

Emily McBride

Dec 14 at 10:25 am
Played in a school band.