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Learn to Play a New Musical Instrument



Have you always wanted to learn how to play the musical instrument but never had a chance to? It's never too late even if you are an adult.

There are three important steps to follow to start playing new musical instrument:

1. First you have to choose an instrument

Experiment with some of them. There are a lot of them: piano, guitar, stringed instruments like violin, viola, cello or some of brass family, for instance, trumpet, trombone, tuba and many other instruments.

2. After choosing an instrument you must lean fundamentals

Get the correct size of instrument, learn to hold and tune your instrument properly, learn to read music notations and constantly practice.

3. And finally make music

Join a band, start your own band, improvise.


Success stories

Martin Riess

Mar 09 at 19:41 pm

Jason Davis

Apr 27 at 18:12 pm
sax trumbone, piano, digital, turntable

Mary Grace Oinal

Feb 16 at 09:06 am
piano, guitar, flute

Tania Fernandez

Jun 06 at 11:03 am
Piano or Violin

Nori Nana

Jun 02 at 16:08 pm

Bryan Chan

May 27 at 12:58 pm
Learn to play guitar