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Learn to Ice Skate



A lot of people just afraid to begin learning to ice skate.

I don’t know how and I could get hurt

Of course I know I can easily take ice skating lessons. But right now, ice skating is this murky, opaque, unclear place. It’s cold. There is the white glare. It’s inside. It’s fast. It hurts when you fall. And I have no idea how the balance or the form or the technique is supposed to work. I have no idea how you can skate so straight on this little thin blade. I imagine that I can easily tear my ACL or break my wrist.

And the same goes for leaving the law. For those of us hoping to leave the law, we don’t know how to take that first step. Leaving the law can be a dark place, where we don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t know the structure. We don’t know the tools. We don’t know the scripts. We don’t know the verbiage. We don’t know the non-legal world. And even if we feel that we’re not the best lawyer out there, at least if we remain a lawyer we still know our way around somewhat. Leaving the law can be learned, but it’s still a mystery for many of us.

It’s difficult

Of course the people skating on the rink make it look so easy and effortless, but ice-skating is really hard. You need to keep your legs steady and keep your balance, be able to squat, ad be able to fall and get back up. It’s not easy. Like anything, becoming proficient (not perfect, just pretty good at it) takes a while. And it takes effort and discipline and dedication, even if I’m just going to do it as a hobby or to enjoy with my kids.

The same thing goes for looking for a new job and a career in line with our Unique Genius. Sure, we know that there is a structure and a well-thought-out plan and people who have done it before to serve as models, but let’s be honest, it all looks like it is so easy and logical and possible … for “them”, but not for us. For those of us who are still scared to leave the law, we don’t think it’s easy. And we feel we are so far behind. And we feel it’s so difficult to get motivated.

It takes time

I know that to really learn how to ice skate (and enjoy it and become pretty good at it) I’m going to have to carve out the time. I’m already pretty busy, so I’m kind of at a loss as to when I’m going to be able to find the time to take lessons.

And many of us also find it hard to really get any traction on thinking of leaving the law, much less exploring it and acting on it. We get slammed with work. We get a new deal or trial or matter that requires our full attention. And in the few hours where we’re not at our office, we’re thinking about work as we go to sleep or we’re trying to fit in a time to workout or see friends or spend time with the family. And so we ask ourselves how can we also take on all of the work required to leave the law?

Ice skating is still new to me. It’s no less cold. It’s still hard to fall on. I still have no idea what to expect.

But these are all not reasons to continue. I know one day I’ll learn and be pretty good at it.

I’m scared. But in clearly spelling out my fears, weighing what was really keeping me from moving forward and identifying a small babystep, I’m no longer paralyzed.

I’m suddenly motivated.

Just like you can be.


Success stories

JeongWon Choi

Nov 17 at 12:59 pm
I learned from my dad.

Margarida Alves

Jan 12 at 15:46 pm
only did it once. During 20 minutes i only fell once so it was pretty good. okus its lot of fun

ashjan shafi

Jan 03 at 01:29 am
Since I was a child .. I knew how to ice skate

3/ 4

Jan 02 at 21:27 pm
I learned and then forgot.

Cheyenne Maye

Dec 28 at 23:05 pm
went on a skating trip with friends they helped me learn to skate

Jessica Yu

Apr 11 at 18:56 pm
I learnt ice skating since I was young

XCrossyX XMotoX

Nov 27 at 00:29 am
since i am about 6

Lara van putten

Mar 25 at 20:27 pm
Het Was met mijn klas

London Leopard

Mar 12 at 09:10 am

Shannon Frederick

Mar 08 at 03:08 am

Jessica Peragine

Mar 07 at 03:04 am

Cherie Stratton

Mar 05 at 11:28 am

Emmy De Moor

Feb 21 at 21:54 pm
In de Finlandia in Gullegem

Anke k

Feb 21 at 11:46 am
learned it as a child

Scott Bair

Feb 21 at 03:45 am
Not sure when. But I know I'd learned by my senior year.

Viviana White

Feb 05 at 18:02 pm
in england

Liliya Krys

Feb 05 at 17:06 pm
Love it:) wish I can do it more often

Livi Deak

Jan 26 at 14:26 pm

Rebecca Nolletti

Dec 23 at 17:25 pm
I took an ice skating course in college for my pe credit