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Learn to French Braid



It's the simpelest form of three-strand braid, all the hair is initiatly divided into three sections, which are then simultaneously gathered together near the scalp. It's easy to learn, always modern and beautiful.


Success stories

Anne Chauhan

Oct 21 at 14:24 pm

Candice Clifford

Dec 01 at 07:58 am
I started learning when Is 12 when I started watching YouTube videos.

Louise Henderieckx

Mar 07 at 23:11 pm


Mar 01 at 23:50 pm
using ma doll

Claire Padega

Feb 25 at 05:52 am
i practiced before bed

Evie Sanders

Feb 14 at 15:25 pm
mom taught me

ashjan shafi

Jan 03 at 02:01 am
I do it every day

Erin O'Brien

Dec 30 at 05:26 am

Rone Cameron

Dec 29 at 15:42 pm

Marissa Hicar

Dec 29 at 05:28 am
my mom taught me when I was little

Denice Hansen

Dec 29 at 00:54 am


Dec 24 at 06:56 am

Emily Hilton

Dec 21 at 22:18 pm
Yay I did it!! I have only ever been able to Dutch braid.

Bianca Laprade

Dec 17 at 15:48 pm
I'm a girl so..