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Learn to Do Nail Art



There are many and different reasons why we do love nail art: It’s satisfying, rewarding, fun, relaxing and challenging at the same time. There are so many great things about nail art that eventually the one who are so much interested in it can try and do her best to learn it to do.

You can do whatever you want, whenever and as often as you like with your nails. Even if you’re not the most amazing nail artist in the world, your work can still get recognised by the nail art community.

They say that scientists from the Massachusetts Institute found that human body releases endorphins during nail painting. They also found that a well executed manicure can make you 80% happier than consuming a 50g Snickers bar. Well it was a joke! :D But seriously, does a great manicure make you feel happy? We think it does! We don’t need scientists to prove to us that we feel happy. We just do!


Success stories

Annabelle Mayhem

Jan 09 at 07:37 am
I can design on nails! ;) :)

Radhika Jay

Feb 25 at 10:46 am
Still learning

Clair Louise

Nov 04 at 13:48 pm
I am a trained nail technician

Clair Elliott

Apr 19 at 23:06 pm
took an online course to learn

glitter dust

Jan 14 at 21:58 pm
did online course

glitter dust

Jan 14 at 21:58 pm
did online course