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Learn to Bartend



Its an instant way to show you care about what you do

So many bartenders are just there to make a little cash on the side, but being a performance flair bartender makes you stand out immediately as someone who takes pride in their work.

It’s visual and crosses language barriers and noisy environments

Because of the nature of flair bartending, it works regardless of whether people can hear or understand you, so its perfect for busy and loud nightclubs as well as large crowds.


Flair Bartending opens doors for travel like nothing else – if you can demonstrate your flair bartending you will have little trouble finding work in resorts all around the world – I’ve worked in Dubai and Kavos with my flair bartending, recruited for Dubai because of it and got a job instantly in Kavos by showing what I could do.

It doesn’t slow you down

When you learn to flair properly and understand where it fits within good quality service. Using your flair bartending skills appropriately will keep your service quick, yet allow for you to really show your moves when you have quieter times at the bar.

You’ll keep your guests at the bar longer

Guests will have a much better time in the bar when you’re entertaining them than they will if you’re simply placing a drink in front of them, taking their money and then doing nothing they benefit from until you want more of their money. Your flair, even when serving other guests, entertains everyone at the bar.


Success stories

Clair Elliott

Jun 06 at 13:49 pm
worked in bars since I was 18

Ashley Counts

May 03 at 08:25 am
still learning but it's been fun.

Sandra v. d. Linde

May 02 at 11:18 am

Jules S

Dec 18 at 14:36 pm