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Learn Romanian



Romanian is a fascinating and complex language, and not one of the easiest to teach yourself by any means.

Five reasons to learn Romanian.

  1. Resources are available if you look- I tunes,you tube, amazon is full of resources on how to speak Romanian. There are no Rosetta Stone programs on Romanian but I guarantee you if you just look up Romanian language resources on internet you can make your own course. That's what I've done. My suggestion would be to stay away from computer programs that teach Romanian because they tend to be meager on the amount of Romanian you'll learn. I would suggest if you have some money try ordering the book "Romanian an essential Grammer" by Romana Gonczol off of Amazon. My only con about this book is there's no audio for it so my advice would be to make sure you known the basic alphabet first which you learn from various videos off of you tube.

  2. It's a Latin language-If you've taken an Etymology class or are in some way quite familiar with Latin roots Romanian will be an easier language for you. Many Romanian words like realitatea ( reality) are derived from latin roots they're just spelled as words differently in Romanian.

  3. If you learn some words it will help you pronounce other words- Take the word poate ( maybe) for example, there are so many other words in romanian that ends in that "Ah- tey" sound that's found in "pwah-tey".