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Learn Programming



Learning a skill such as coding signals to your employer that you are resourceful, tech-savvy, and versatile. They will lean on you for tasks beyond the scope of your current position, and this will lead to opportunities within your career you never knew existed.

For instance, learning HTML, CSS, and 3JavaScript can transform you into a full-stack marketer. Gone are the days of relying on your dev team to make tiny changes to a landing page. With basic coding skills, you can do it yourself (and impress your boss).

What if you work in finance? Manufacturing? Agriculture? Entertainment? Medicine? Code is powering technology in virtually every industry across the globe. Understanding how these technologies work will help you become your team’s most valuable employee. Your supervisor and co-workers can rely on you to help manage the website, build promotional emails, navigate or debug a new software — the possibilities are endless.

Monopolizing a skill at work is a sure-fire way to become indispensable, and coding will help you do just that.


Success stories

Jewy Chester

Oct 30 at 21:33 pm
Fire alarm programming only

rxbx xxx

Feb 20 at 20:38 pm
Informatik - EF

Aurélie Blanckaert

Dec 25 at 22:46 pm
I took informatics lessons at school !