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Learn How to Juggle



Save your Brain

It used to be thought that your noggin starts falling apart when you become an adult. The thinking went that you’d continue downhill until death or alien cocoons were found. Possibly sent from space, juggling can help prevent this deterioration and can even help you grow stuff in your old age.


Sometimes it feels like A.D.D. makes you better at stuff, but when it comes down to it, we really need to be able to sit still and focus until something’s done. Juggling builds your focus muscles through regular practice and a built-in rewards system.

Being Entertaining

It’s not cool to always be telling everyone you can juggle. I know from experience. It is cool to pop out an unexpected novelty once in a while. Juggling can prevent a nephew from crying, surprise a date or prove that you’re not just a fascist dictator.

The main reason I like juggling is because it not only can make people excited about me, but it can make them excited about themselves and their own potentials.

I can’t de-stress you with my eyes

It’s nice to learn something new, do something active and get away from what seems important in your life. You can lose your tension through tons of hobbies, but juggling is a great combination of physical activity, brain stimulation, joy of success, and visual stimulation. Here’s another scientific study…


Juggling helps your eye/hand coordination… DUH! You don’t just get juggly, you have better coordination for life. Think of all the situations where balls are flying at your face ( sports, Christmas tree accidents, etc. ). It would be handy to have handier hands.

One baseball player I taught to juggle said that his batting improved in just 3 lessons and suggested me to several other players. Juggling has also helped people with typing and learning to play instruments as well as just being less clumsy.


Success stories

Ceri Glenie

Dec 16 at 10:54 am
home-made juggling balls and a bit of practice

Ash AP

Dec 05 at 12:32 pm
took me a few days to pick it up. im still not amazing but can at least get 3 items going for a while

Josh Wilkinson

Apr 12 at 19:15 pm

Lara van putten

Mar 25 at 21:01 pm