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Learn English



Learning a new language is never easy but it's so satisfying when you are able to converse with someone in a foreign language!

English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in Anglo-Saxon England in the early Middle Ages. It is now the most widely used language in the world.

It is spoken in many countries around the world and is the first language of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and a number of Caribbean nations. There are about 375 million native speakers (people with first language as English), which is the largest after Mandarin and Spanish.

About 220 million more people speak it as a second language and it is often used in work and in travel, and there are as many as a billion people who are learning it, which makes English the second most spoken language as well as the most international one in the world.

English has changed, and has been changed by many different languages.

Because nearly 60% of the vocabulary comes from Latin, English is sometimes called the most Latin of the Germanic languages, and is often mistaken for being a Romance language.

English is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, along with Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese.

Here are some tips that will help you in mastering any language:

  • first of all you must know why you are doing it, you have to be motivated,
  • finding a partner will increase your motivation as together it will be much faster and easier to master new language.
  • talk to yourself a lot,
  • don't dive too much in textbooks and talk to people a lot as it will keep the learning process relevant to you.

Success stories

Lilit Simonyan

Sep 07 at 00:00 am
Learning a language is hard! It requires hard work and much effort. You need to spend lots of hours every day on it and yet you won't be a success at once. You have to obtain a new way of thinking, you have to do simultaneous translation in your head in a very short time. But I came over those obstacles that every freshman comes into. I've been spending 7 years to learn English and now I'm fluent and free in my thoughts. I'm a specialist of the English Language and it's thanks to my hard work and dedication!

Raunak Thakar

Dec 02 at 10:23 am
Was 5 years old at that time. So yes I learnt english by that time after that I improved a lot


Mar 01 at 23:47 pm
national language..it was innate

Alina Masotti

Jan 19 at 07:17 am

Claire Hall

Dec 19 at 15:41 pm
It's my first language but I might as well count it... Makes me feel like I've achieved more on this list


Dec 17 at 01:06 am
done and done!

Alexandra Ramos

Dec 13 at 03:26 am
I have English classes since I was little

Hilal Yeken

Dec 05 at 23:42 pm
it might be the time to learn another

Bryce Lukac

Nov 22 at 15:45 pm
I am speaking English

Tuan Nguyen

Nov 19 at 04:44 am
Finish mission

Niels Van Hamme

Dec 28 at 19:40 pm

Aashi Kapoor

Dec 17 at 15:45 pm
Started learning english in school

Júlia Azevedo

Dec 14 at 02:34 am

XCrossyX XMotoX

Nov 27 at 00:25 am
since high school

Sofia Duarte

Nov 14 at 03:33 am

Siju Philip

Sep 15 at 23:13 pm
It's me.

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 09:07 am

Ushashi Mitra

Jul 20 at 11:29 am
studied in an english medium school

Louison Bour

Jun 24 at 14:21 pm
fine !

Manô Bisordi

Mar 27 at 00:38 am
I knooow


Mar 21 at 03:55 am

Michael Bourgeois

Mar 03 at 15:50 pm
Born here.

Tyler Campbell

Feb 09 at 05:14 am
Learned English as a baby.

Hang Le

Feb 04 at 19:12 pm
I'm now an English major student.

Ana Bessa

Feb 02 at 14:51 pm
and now I can say I am pretty good at it

Tuan Nguyen

Feb 02 at 04:53 am
Have a friend

ine verbrugge

Jan 25 at 12:11 pm

Sadhbh Sutton

Jan 11 at 21:07 pm

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 11 at 20:57 pm

Savi Khanal

Jan 04 at 01:14 am
in school back home

Olinka Harrigan

Jan 03 at 04:24 am
Since I was born


Jan 03 at 01:42 am
I'm proud to be fluent in english :)

3/ 4

Jan 02 at 20:48 pm
I started learning English in 2005, and by 2009 I was completely fluent

hanneke vdwolfgunnink

Dec 31 at 21:12 pm
primary school

Viviana White

Dec 31 at 17:03 pm

Marnelle Janse van Rensburg

Dec 23 at 18:02 pm
Had to learn it at varsity.

Rafik Absoud

Dec 19 at 23:39 pm

Anush Avetiqyan

Dec 19 at 15:19 pm
I love languages! :)

Xiomara Martinez

Dec 18 at 16:05 pm
no complete but know

Chantal Van de Kolk

Dec 17 at 21:19 pm

Bianca Laprade

Dec 17 at 15:55 pm
I have english class at school

Camryn Parks

Dec 17 at 12:14 pm

Orsi Takács

Nov 16 at 18:15 pm
im still learning

Sargis Gevorgyan

Oct 11 at 13:29 pm