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Learn a Strategy Game



Who doesn’t like to beat an opponent in a game situation by out-smarting them? Isn’t it gratifying when your planned strategy works to perfection and produces the winning play? Working together with partners to reach the strategic game goal can be a rewarding social interaction.

If you want to learn something about your friends or your future partner, try playing a strategy game with them. Strategy games present interesting insights to an individual’s thought processes and competitive nature. Sometimes these insights can be revealing.

The most famous strategy game is chess.

Check out the video below about how achieve checkmate in 2 moves.


Success stories

George Warren

Aug 24 at 02:59 am
I coach baseball and my team won the championship game at the end of the summer

Smailly Castillo

Sep 06 at 23:10 pm
Clash Royal its a strategy game

Milla Cartwright

Jan 06 at 18:17 pm
meh, can't do much with this ability now...