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Learn a Line Dance



Line Dancing will:

Teach you to dance

If you can’t dance by yourself, how can you possibly expect to dance with a partner? Line dancing teaches you to actually move your body.

Improve your Balance

teaches you how to maintain your own balance while moving to the beat

Help you Find the Beat

Oh a big one.Staying on beat (on time) is critical in any dance whether by yourself or with someone else. Learning to find the beat and timing of any dance is critical before getting with a partner.

Teach you basic footwork

Learn how to do triple steps, turns and spins, rocking steps and many other steps that you will use in every form of dance.

Improve your confidence

Helps overcome feeling of having “two left feet”; Offers sense of pride and accomplishment and improves your coordination.

Provide you with a dance outlet whether you have a partner or not

Today, it seems there is a line dance for just about any song you can think of. If not, many line dances are timed that they can fit multiple songs providing you many dance opportunities.

Provide you a way to practice

You always hear that practice is necessary to improving your dance but you may not know exactly how to, or what to practice. Line dances are a perfect structured means to practice dance technique.

Success stories

Sadhbh Sutton

Jan 11 at 21:20 pm

Alondra Rich

Jan 05 at 13:21 pm
learned at a 4-H camp when I was younger and in choir one year

Nahdi Easter

Jan 02 at 21:06 pm
I actually had to so this as a requirement in high school. not my best experience because we were all sweaty palmed by the end of it but it was cool with he right people.