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Knit a Sweater



To wear your sweater knitted by yourself is something to be proud of and at the same time it is a challenge. Maybe you have never thought you can reach a good result but after you try and do your best you can have your new sweater and show your friends who will like your handwork.

At first focus on easy knit sweater patterns then gradually you will turn to much more difficult works and you will see that everything isn't as difficult as you have imagined. There's more than one way you can knit a sweater. Sweaters can be knit flat and then pieced together, knit in the round, knit from the center out, knit from sleeve to sleeve. Sometimes you're just not in the mood for certain techniques so it's important to know what you're getting into before you begin a new knitting pattern. Plus, if you choose a construction method you don't detest, you'll be more likely to actually complete the project.


Success stories

Gabriella Pascha

Mar 01 at 16:17 pm
I did it. Too big and bulky