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Kiss Under Fireworks



Kiss is a sensitive and beautiful action, especially when it happens between beloved ones. When it happens during the fireworks, it seems like you both are gone into a magical world where the lights, the stars and the moon are encouraging you both. It is the time when you feel you love and you are loved and that is the most important in the world for you. Through the lights of fireworks you see your loved one's smile shining and this feeling of happiness will stay in your memory forever. It is the time when you both believe that the dreams will surely come true.

Success stories

Abrica Bennett

Jan 06 at 11:35 am

Veronique Huntjens

Sep 17 at 19:17 pm
New years eve

Stephanie Kraewinkels

Jul 28 at 12:26 pm

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 09:03 am

Karo H

Mar 09 at 22:13 pm
First new year's with the love of my life

Balajti Melinda

Feb 15 at 17:00 pm
with my one and only

Rayne Holland-Smith

Feb 04 at 18:13 pm

Sophie Smither

Jan 21 at 00:24 am

Miia Turunen

Jan 17 at 07:31 am
Happens every year ever ainceimet my soontobe husband

Lauren Edwards

Jan 17 at 02:11 am
With boyfriend at the time in Key West, FL celebrating 4th July :)