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Keep a Secret Diary



It's okay that you want no one to look at the secrets in diary. This is your diary, not anyone else's. Secrets are secrets, and a diary is a best place to write your secret thoughts and feelings about the day. Just make sure nobody finds out!


Success stories

Sharath Shanth

May 10 at 20:18 pm
Backed up

Sunitha Eswaraiah

Jan 01 at 12:40 pm
I always enjoy having my journal

Ushashi Mitra

Jul 11 at 15:10 pm
was hell to keep that one a secret..

Smailly Castillo

Mar 13 at 21:06 pm
Es una manera de desahogarse y conocerte a si mismo, empiezas y es raro porque al pasar el tiempo es interesante ver quien eras y removieron que no somos la misma persona para toda la vida. Además te da de que pensar y contar en un futuro, es muy interesante.

Tamara Berends

Mar 13 at 03:27 am
Love to write.

Valene Joshua

Jan 14 at 23:06 pm
still do...


Jan 11 at 02:55 am