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Jump From a Cliff Into Deep Water



You think you crazy enough to do it. But are you brave enough? We'll see. Just find a right cliff and do it.

I will suggest some:

Australia - Kimberly

Switzerland - Brontalio

Jamaica - Negril

Greece - Santorini Island

California - Tar Greek Falls


Success stories

Szennyai Fanni

Jan 24 at 12:18 pm
Italy, Nerano

Raunak Thakar

Jan 12 at 12:36 pm
It was just great. I did it in Rishikesh, India. It felt just awesome to jump into Ganga river. We Indians consider it as a holy river so it was also an holy dip for me. Water was damn cold so I was a bit confused whether I should do it or not. I am also not yet a swimmer ( I am learning it) so I again had a second thought. But when I jumped it was great. I went deep inside and then I swam a bit to reach top( I reached shore with some help) also water felt less cold a bit warm you can say (maybe because of my adrenaline rush). It might not be at that great height but yes it was a cliff jumping and I totally enjoyed it.

Veronique Huntjens

Sep 17 at 19:13 pm
Dominicaanse rupubliek

Azra Becirovic

Aug 27 at 23:53 pm

Fabiana van der Heiden

Apr 17 at 22:31 pm
Bloody hell, that was not easy. I was scared but dit it anyway. Was really proud of myself afterwards.

Shannon Frederick

Mar 08 at 02:56 am
kids adventures all over northern Ontario

Abhinithi Nalwad

Feb 16 at 20:41 pm
Hurt like hell but it was worth it.

Emilija Ilić

Jan 19 at 23:44 pm

Inês Marques

Jan 06 at 19:57 pm
sines... ingrina... zavial

Regina Falange

Dec 26 at 00:42 am
Bunch of times

Billie Andrews

Dec 06 at 23:15 pm
Love cliff jumping

Tiffany Lemmons

Jun 21 at 09:47 am
Wasn't a huge cliff, but still did it!

Vesa Koivunen

Jun 07 at 19:15 pm


May 24 at 09:51 am