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Hug a cow



There's so much more to cows than meets the eye. These gentle animals are loving mothers, have best friends, and enjoy playing and cuddling just as much as the dogs we consider to be our best friends.

Cow Hugging or Cow Cuddling is known as a remedy against stress. Cows not only give healthy milk, they also give Mindfulness Therapy against stress. Among the cows your right brain half is stimulated to develop your intuition. Because innovation arises from creativity. And innovation is of great importance in solving complex problems. You will experience what it means to rest your body against 700 kg of 39 degrees Celsius. Learn the language of the cow, so you know what the cow appreciates and what she doesn’t like. The acquaintance with the animals is often accepted with mutual gratitude, the cows hug back!

So if you are a great animal lover experience yourself hugging those gentle and kind cows.


Success stories

Susan Zhou

Jun 03 at 00:41 am
Hug myself

Cherie Stratton

Feb 28 at 10:05 am

Alina Masotti

Jan 08 at 15:21 pm
My friends had farms growing up.

Lauren Wright

Dec 09 at 22:35 pm
at a friend farm