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Hike the Machu Picchu



One of the world’s great wonders, Machu Picchu is the holy grail for any traveler visiting South America. If you want to hike so you must know that one needs to complete the four-day trek to reach this incredible sight, and for many, surviving the Inca Trail is very much part of the Machu Picchu experience.

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of approaching Machu Picchu on one’s own two feet, which is why the classic Inca Trail hike has become so popular in recent years. The time when a traveler could roll into Cusco and set up an Inca Trail trek for the following day—or week, or month—has long since passed, though. To limit damage to the trail, the Peruvian government now limits access to 500 persons per day, porters included. Permits for the peak summer season sell out months in advance.

Machu Picchu lies deep in the heart of the Sacred Valley in southeastern Peru, and these ancient Inca ruins are the country’s star attraction. The Inca Trail is one of the world’s most famous hikes - each year, more than 75,000 people tread the 26-mile route to reach the site of Machu Picchu. However, the trek is not for the faint-hearted; the altitude, steep climbs, extreme weather and basic accommodation can pose a barrier for many who wish to visit.


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Alyson Doucette

Jan 01 at 17:52 pm
Hard and beautiful

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Nov 21 at 16:41 pm
Awe inspiring Machu Picchu!!