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Hike the Lion's Head



Lion’s Head is one of Cape Town’s most popular mountains to climb. Unlike Table Mountain, the top can’t be reached by cable car. While it isn't a particularly strenuous hike, the climb to the top can be steep, with the use of chains at the end to help you ascend. But once you reach the summit, you'll find the astounding views an apt reward. If you're after something a little less challenging, head to the trail available at the base of the mountain. It's a much quieter option with fewer people—extra reason to take a map.

The best thing about the Lion’s Head hike is obviously the view over Cape Town, Table Mountain, the Atlantic and Camps Bay. Although the walk can be a bit step at times, there is nothing too hectic about this hike. Along the path you will find a series of chains and ladders to assist you as you scramble up a particularly steep section of rocky faces. When walking with very young children, take the alternative route that goes around the chain- section. Lions Head is a very popular spot among hikers when it is Full Moon and not without reason as the views over Cape Town are simply fantastic. When you decide to walk when it is full moon, please do not forget a head-torch and warm clothing as it can be chilly up there – even on a balmy summer’s eve.


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