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Hike the Continental Divide Trail



The Continental Divide Trail, formally known as the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, is a 3,000 mile long trail that bisects the continental United States. The CDT stretches from Canada to Mexico, and crosses Montana, New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. It is considered one of the continental United States’ signature long trails, held among the ranks of the east coast’s Appalachian Trail, and the west coast’s Pacific Crest Trail.

Of the ‘Triple Crown’ long trails, the CDT is far and away the least popular. It is hundreds of miles longer than the PCT and the AT, can take as many as six months to complete. Only a couple hundred thru-hikers set out to complete the trail every year.

Though the CDT is less popular than the PCT and the AT, it matches — and at times surpasses — the natural beauty of its coastal brethren. The trail winds through portions of Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone and Glacier national parks, and touches rugged mountain terrain unlike that found on other long trails.