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Have a Snowball Fight



Having a snowball fight is fun, but if you set it up properly, it’s epic. Snowball fights are just like war and with the proper rules, you can make a snowball fight full of strategy.

First make sure that you have a safe snowball fight. The last thing you want in a good snowball fight is hard feelings between friends. Here are a few rules that will keep your snowball fight in check:

  • Have a “safety word” that anyone can call to stop the game in case someone is in trouble

  • Snowballs must be made only with snow. Adding things to a snowball is dangerous

  • Set boundaries

  • Set a time limit

  • Make sure the teams are fair

There also another thing that can make your snowball fight really funny and enjoyable. A fort built out of snow is the most fun way to set up a snowball fight. But it takes time to build a useful fort, so take about one hour before the fight begins to build your fort. The best way to build forts quickly is the same way you would build a snowman. Roll the snow and combine all your large balls of snow. Once you have a sturdy wall of shelter, attach a flag to a stick and stand proud of your territory.


Success stories

George Warren

Aug 24 at 02:57 am
Frist year in college there was a snow day and classes was cancelled for the day. So the students that lived on campus we had a snowball fight.

Billie Andrews

Dec 06 at 22:47 pm
Have had many snowball fights! good fun

Judy Layug

Nov 21 at 12:13 pm
Amazing frozen Lake Louise⛄️⛄️⛄️

Samira Aba

Apr 29 at 23:15 pm
Forsvaret, Bodin leir

Clair Elliott

Mar 20 at 22:26 pm
did this many times as a child

Solène Boulenger

Mar 02 at 19:37 pm

XCrossyX XMotoX

Nov 27 at 00:21 am
does great memories

Siru Wallin

Nov 03 at 00:54 am
Already as a kid.

cornelia niemand

Aug 11 at 14:44 pm
Aways fun... did this in Primary school years back....

Ushashi Mitra

Jul 11 at 14:46 pm
at Sonmarg..

Sandra v. d. Linde

Jun 12 at 04:09 am

Mane Papyan

Jun 10 at 03:32 am
Every winter

Catalina Sagan

Apr 25 at 23:46 pm
Best years of my life, high school and the dorm life, just amazing especially de winters and all the snow related activities.

Naomi Ohayon

Apr 22 at 01:00 am
Snow ball fight with friends in college

Diana Croitoriu

Apr 19 at 21:47 pm
in my childhood

Johanna Rytkönen

Apr 18 at 21:27 pm

Lara van putten

Mar 25 at 21:14 pm

Devinne McCarthy

Mar 04 at 19:29 pm
major snowball fight on the college quad

Amanda Wellbo

Feb 15 at 08:40 am
sweden has snow...

Tyler Campbell

Feb 11 at 18:18 pm
Date is an estimation. Been having snowball fights since I was a kid.

glitter dust

Jan 14 at 21:56 pm
with my sister

Sadhbh Sutton

Jan 11 at 21:08 pm

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 11 at 20:44 pm
with husband in co

Alina Masotti

Jan 08 at 02:38 am
Cold fun.

Beki B

Jan 03 at 04:10 am
had a snowball fight on the way to Mt Hotham!!

Nahdi Easter

Jan 02 at 21:15 pm
me and my family have a snowball fight every year. this year my father decided to scoop me up and drop me in the snow... lol that was fun.

Viviana White

Dec 31 at 16:59 pm

Denice Hansen

Dec 29 at 00:48 am
loved it

Emma Dane

Dec 28 at 21:24 pm

Chantal Van de Kolk

Dec 18 at 17:15 pm

Jenny Haa

Nov 27 at 01:25 am
When I was a kid!