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Have a Professional Photo Shoot



You know, it's not cheap, so if don't have that money, you can learn how to do a professional looking photo shoot at home.

Choose your "studio" location

Find a white wall, preferably in a room that gets a lot of natural light. If you don’t have a white wall, or if yours is covered with pictures, hang a white sheet from the ceiling and drape the end over the floor. This will create a studio-like blank canvas for your photo shoot.

Open the blinds and let sunshine flood the room

Lighting is the single most important element when you’re creating a professional-looking photo shoot, and natural light helps create the best effect. Plan to begin your shoot when you know you’ll have plenty of sunlight coming through your windows for hours to come. This way you won’t have to rush your photo shoot. If your room gets bright sunlight, diffuse it with a sheer white curtain or thin white sheet. This will create a softer effect and eliminate harsh shadows. Even on overcast days, the sun should provide plenty of light for your shoot.

Find lamps with hooded shades

Desk lamps, for example, often have shades that are closed on one end so that you can focus their light in a particular place. You may also consider buying shop lamps, which artists and photographers use for this very purpose. These are inexpensive and can be found at hardware or photography stores. If you’re planning to create more than one home photo shoot, these will be a worthwhile investment.

Create a professional ambiance

Using your lights to fill the room with soft light devoid of shadows. One light should point toward the ceiling, creating a warm glow against the white paint. This should shine softly on your subject from above. Use another light as a “fill light”; place it in the back of the room, far enough away from the subject so that it doesn’t create shadows. Both of these types of lighting can be used in combination with diffused natural light. The varied light sources will create the optimal setting for a professional-looking photo shoot. Don’t use overhead ceiling lights; these will cast harsh shadows over your subject. You may use an umbrella, a piece of cloth, or another material to diffuse or filter your lights.

Gather meaningful props

A simple wooden stool for your subject to pose on might be all you need, or perhaps you want your photo shoot to have a fun theme. Gather the materials you need and arrange them tastefully in front of your white backdrop.


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We got the whole family together for a professional photoshoot as an anniversary gift for our parents

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