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Have a Holiday in a Yurt



Lots of Facilities

With a yurt or a bell tent you don’t have to worry about taking a car load full of stuff. It’s all there – perfect for a quick break away without the hassle.

Don’t have to worry about setting up a tent

Imagine having all the benefits of camping but having had someone else set it up for you. Down to the last detail. Perfect.

They’re in fantastic places

These sort of tents are always in magical environments. They fit in with the natural landscape, and don’t look incongruous compared to the plastic equivalents.

You can camp at other times of the year

With great facilities and a 3wood burning stove, our Magic Canvas tents are perfect for keeping you warm, dry and comfortable whatever the weather. It’s so well equipped that you’re not confined to the best days of the year to enjoy it!

The comfort and relatively luxury of yurt living

You really won’t go back after experiencing this kind of glamping. It’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a different world.

Feel like an ancient explorer/adventurer

There’s something reassuringly rustic about a bell tent or yurt. Whether it’s the totally natural materials or the inevitably wonderful surroundings, you really do feel like you can properly connect to the landscape around you.

Simply check in and check out

Our Magic Canvas service offers not just great value and a beautiful tent, but a very simple check in and check out system that sets this kind of camping apart from a conventional canvas holiday. Everything is provided, and you’ll get a real sense of the excellent service that lends itself to this kind of break away from it all.

The feeling of luxury

One reason to holiday in a yurt is that there’s no denying the feeling of luxury that it provides. There’s no expense spared when it comes to camping with Magic Canvas, and that’ll show as soon as you step inside.

A good night’s sleep

Sleep in a yurt or bell tent and gone will be the days of awkward, uncomfortable nights on uneven grass. Double beds, proper mattresses, fluffy pillows, candles and excellent bathroom facilities – anything is possible with a yurt and you’re guaranteed proper rest and a proper comfortable holiday.

They’ll bring out the child in you

We don’t know many people who’s first reaction isn’t ‘wow!’ when they see a well set up glamping bell tent or yurt. If you need any more reason to holiday in a yurt, it’s the simple magical atmosphere it provides. If you would like more information about our fantastic Magic Canvas luxury service, click here for more information and watch the stunning video created about our glamping service.

Success stories

Mirea Pellegrino

Jul 30 at 14:26 pm
Yurte in a wood - Provence ✨

emma hempstalk

Feb 28 at 15:45 pm
Le cinq sens

Erika Lkh

Jan 05 at 09:41 am
I am Mongolian and every year I go to countryside

Femke Brouwers

Jun 17 at 18:53 pm
Samen met mijn lief