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Have a Cadillac (1959)



Cadilla, formally the Cadillac Motor Car Division, is a division of the U.S.-based General Motors (GM) that markets luxury vehicles worldwide. Its primary markets are the United States, Canada, and China, but Cadillac-branded vehicles are distributed in 34 additional markets worldwide. Historically, Cadillac automobiles have always held a place at the top of the luxury field within the United States. In 2014, Cadillac's U.S. sales were 170,750 vehicles.

Cadillac is among the oldest automobile brands in the world, second in America only to fellow GM marque Buick. The firm was founded from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company in 1902, almost nine years before Chevrolet. It was named after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who founded Detroit, Michigan. The Cadillac crest is based on his coat of arms.

The '59 Caddy had it all -- looks, performance, and comfort. It stood as the ultimate symbol of success, impressive and -- yes -- controversial. The outrageous tail fins and jet pod taillights evoked either a love it or leave it attitude with the public. It is interesting to note that Maurice D. Hendry, author of Cadillac: Standard of the World, The Complete Seventy-Year History, refused to include a picture of the regular production '59 Cadillac in his book. He said that, "This year saw the tail fins reach a literally ridiculous height.... The fins had plenty of critics including this writer.... Nevertheless, the 1959s overall were excellent.... As cars -- rocket fins or not -- they were undeniably excellent."