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Have a Baby



Many people nowadays prefer to spend their lives for career but not for creating family. It's terrible, cause they actually don't need that much money they have. And they are dying alone with a lots of money. This reality is too sad for me. You can understand the feeling in the future, when you see your baby first and realise that it's a part of you and the human whom do you love. It's the best feeling I ever had.


Success stories

Violette Meier

Dec 21 at 17:50 pm
My 1st child was born. Now I have 3!

zach arguello

Dec 13 at 14:22 pm
the most beautiful gift in the world was handed to me !

glitter dust

Jan 14 at 22:05 pm
my beautiful baby boy

Karen Tarroyo

Jan 08 at 15:17 pm
First baby yeey!

Casey Roberts

Jan 23 at 15:27 pm
I had a beautiful little girl

Örjan Karlén

Jan 22 at 18:49 pm
Finally our little Zeke arrived!

nancy van Lingen

Jan 21 at 00:37 am
i have a little Princess

Samuel Miller

Aug 22 at 15:10 pm
My baby Eilee Jean Miller

Alisa Williams

Jul 10 at 19:35 pm

Clair Elliott

Apr 16 at 14:47 pm
my beautiful son was born

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 03:59 am
And again: 1997, 1999, 2001

PHil fif

Mar 13 at 13:50 pm

Frances N Benjamin Taylor

Feb 24 at 10:54 am
I had a baby boy Benjamin

Aliz K. M.

Feb 24 at 10:21 am
It was my biggest dream, and I have 2 little baby nos now!

Elizabeth Watson

Jan 05 at 14:38 pm

Beki B

Jan 03 at 04:38 am

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 29 at 08:25 am