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Grow a Garden



Planting a garden with vegetables gives you the pleasure of savoring a delicious, sun-warmed tomato fresh from the garden. In almost every case, the flavor and texture of varieties you can grow far exceed the best grocery store produce. Plus, growing vegetables can be fun. It's a great way to spend time with children or have a place to get away and spend time outdoors in the sun.

Learning what to plant in a garden with vegetables, and how to tend them for the best harvest, is probably easier than you think. If you plan it right, you can enjoy a beautiful garden full of the fruits of your labor - without having to spend hours and hours tending it.

Planting a garden that includes vegetables and flowers means you've combined natural companions, and that can turn a potential eyesore into an attractive landscape feature.

Some advises on gardening include the following steps for getting a right garden planted:

  1. Decide what to plant in a garden with vegetables

  2. Determine how much space you need

  3. Pick the perfect spot for that, then start working on it: do row cropping, intensive cropping, test and fix your soil, dig your beds, choose varieties, harvest and stop pests and diseases.


Success stories

Karin Trouwborst-de Vries

Dec 31 at 12:01 pm
My vegetable garden

Cherie Stratton

Mar 07 at 12:01 pm

Michelle Eide

Feb 07 at 08:18 am
I did it! It was huge! It was yummy!

Nirlisha Pillay

Jan 12 at 01:40 am
in my late mom's memory, we planted vegetables and herbs like she wanted to but didn't get the chance to. We have tomatoes, chillies, coriander, squash, spinach and mint so far

Inês Marques

Jan 06 at 20:46 pm
a nossa horta

Nori Nana

Jun 02 at 16:07 pm