• One must be a fox in order to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves. Machiavelli Niccolo

Graduate from the University of Verona



The University of Verona is a dynamic university that invests in academic research and encourages teaching methods that enhance student-lecturer rapport. Its 22,000 students are supported by 1500 university staff made up of lecturers, researchers, technicians and administrative personnel, who contribute to students’ growth process by providing a solid framework of structural, financial and human resources.

The University of Verona has 12 departments grouped into four main disciplinary areas: Law and Economics, Humanities, Life and Health Sciences, and Science and Engineering. The university offers 60 Bachelor, Master and short advanced study courses, four PhD Schools, 41 medical postgraduate specialisation courses and one postgraduate specialisation for law. In addition, 6 Master’s programmes run entirely in English. Chinese has been added as a new language option for the Bachelor degree in Languages and Cultures for Tourism and International Commerce.

PhD programmes have become an increasingly important part of the University of Verona’s educational and academic focus. There are four PhD Schools covering the broad areas of Law and Economics, Humanities, Life and Health Sciences, and Engineering and Natural Sciences. Together, these four Schools offer 14 PhD programmes plus three joint university PhD programmes. There are 600 PhD students currently enrolled in the 2015-2016 academic year and the university has 110 three-year scholarships available. There are also 49 co-tutoring agreements with European and non-European universities and numerous international collaboration opportunities for PhD students to spend time abroad and possibly gain a joint qualification. Moreover, there are three ITN projects in the Horizon 2020 programme that provide PhD scholarships at the University of Verona.

The university of Verona has a dedicated team available to help international students who wish to enrol at the university, providing assistance such as advice before arriving on which documents are necessary to apply for a study visa, information on accommodation and how to book it, Orientation Days and free Italian language classes. In the 2016-2017 academic year, under the Buddy Programme international students coming from outside Europe will also have their own university student ‘guide’. During their stay in Verona, international students can make use of a free, personalised service to help them with the process of obtaining their stay permit and health insurance. In addition, special two-year study scholarships for the Master’s programmes in Economics, Linguistics and Mathematics are available to top non-European students.

The university of Verona allocates every year up to 35 scholarships for its students to spend a semester abroad at non-UE partner Universities located in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Japan, USA, Taiwan.

The university coordinates and promotes the Erasmus + programme which allows students enrolled in the university to spend a period of study or traineeship at another European university or Company participating in the programme. Erasmus+ exchange students attend courses, can make use of the university facilities and gain recognition for any exam passed at their host university. The university European academic network counts 250 agreements: in the academic year 2015-2016, 520 students spent an exchange period abroad while 230 Erasmus incoming students studied in Verona.