• Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best. John C. Maxwell

Graduate from the Queen Margaret University



Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh has a history of achievement and progress extending for over a century. Since its establishment in 1875, it has been driven by the highest educational ideals and purposes and has always been quick to adapt to meet the changing needs of society.

One hundred and twenty seven years later, it is still true to its original philosophy of improving the quality and serving the community.

Now a thoroughly modern university, QMU is committed to providing relevant teaching and research, and producing well prepared, well rounded and flexible graduates. It has widely recognised expertise in the areas of health and rehabilitation; sustainable business and creativity and culture.

QMU is highly regarded for innovative research and knowledge exchange work which connects local and international perspectives, engages the public, and significantly influences policy. The University’s research expertise ranges from speech sciences to creative industries, from alcohol consumption to rehabilitation sciences, and from food and drink to tourism. Ultimately, all our work makes a real, practical impact on everyday life.

The University moved to a modern purpose-built campus in 2007 allowing students to benefit from a vibrant academic village with high-tech buildings, an innovative learning resource centre and attractive landscaped spaces. The new campus has won many sustainability awards and is recognised as an exemplar in sustainable design within the higher education sector nationally and internationally. Following the success of the campus build, it has been QMU’s aim to embed sustainability in the everyday work of the University. This holistic approach to achieving a lasting legacy of sustainable practice, not only takes account of the physical building but creates a joined up approach to the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development.