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Graduate from the Paris-Sud University



France has given the world some of its top universities, including Paris-Sud University, which is particularly renowned for excellence in maths and science.

While the university’s legacy stretches back hundreds of years, its current incarnation as Paris-Sud University only took place in 1971. It was originally part of the historic University of Paris.

The south of Paris became a centre of scientific research following World War Two, as large facilities on the outskirts of the city were needed to accommodate equipment for physics and chemistry experiments.

When the ancient University of Paris split into 13 autonomous parts, Paris-Sud became its own university, and its wealth of state of the art equipment naturally led to its specialism in the sciences.

Now, Paris-Sud graduates benefit from one of the top employment rates for any French university.

Some of France’s top laboratories are part of the university. They include specialist research facilities in the fields of particle physics, nuclear physics, electronics and nanoscience.

Paris-Sud University has the largest campus in France. More than 40 different sports are accommodated at the campus facilities. It’s also one of the only universities in the world to have its own horse riding centre.

International students are encouraged to make friends through the universities two schemes: Tandem, which buddies up international and French students, and Friends of the Campus, which enables meetings with locals from Orsay.

Orsay itself is a tranquil and historic town on the banks of the Yvette River. The many attractions of central Paris are just 40 minutes away by train.