• The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter Drucker

Graduate from McGill University



Here are some of the feelings every graduate experiences.

The I’m not ready moment

That moment when your friends are all together, doing nothing extraordinary besides enjoying one another’s company. And you look around, feeling incredibly grateful and simultaneously heartbroken that it will never be exactly this way ever again.

That I’m over this shit feeling

Studying your ass off the night before your final exam and just wanting the pain to be over.

When you see the university building

When you walk by a building or area of campus where you spent a lot of time freshman year, and you start reminiscing on how much has changed since then – how much you’ve learned, how much you’ve went through, how much you’ve grown.

That I need to cherish these last moment feeling

Spending most of your remaining days goofing off with your friends, instead of being productive or studying. And not feeling guilty about it at all. You know that won’t remember what you got on your sociology term paper, but you will remember sitting on the porch with your friends for 5 hours on that one Thursday afternoon.

That I didn’t party hard enough feeling

Deciding to go out with your friends at the last minute, even though you have an exam the next morning, because you know there are few opportunities left for you to be able to do this.

That feeling of pressure moment

You’re peers have started to post their new jobs on Facebook and you’re over here like WTF am I going to do.

That damn I’ve grown up feeling

Remembering how awkward and unsure you were when you first got here, and thinking back on that insecure version of yourself with a knowing and highly amused smile.

That why am I crying feeling

When you feel tears well up in unexpected, ordinary moments, like when you walk to the nearby store with your best friend to grab a six pack, or you sit at your kitchen table with one of your roommates and shoot the shit for a couple hours. And you know that even though it’s random to get emotional in these types of situations, it’s also not, because these ordinary, special moments are the ones that made up your entire college experience.

That jealousy feeling of your younger peers

Observing ridiculously cliched college things, like people reading books on blankets outside or throwing a frisbee around, and smiling because as cliched as it is, it’s also extremely real and true.

That extremely grateful feeling

Looking around at all the random furniture in your house or apartment, and loving it all the more for how disorganized and mismatched and cluster-fucky that it is.

That happy as a clam feeling

It’s the blissful release that comes after finishing your last final or turning in your last paper, but knowing you only have so much time in-between this moment and the moment that you drive away from campus for the last time as a student.

That feeling that life is passing you by too fast

Stopping what you’re doing, only for a second, to watch all of your friends in this moment, to observe how happy they all are, and to let those feelings of thankfulness wash over you in order to help you to ease the anxiety that keeps churning in your stomach.

Being at the bar with your friends when that one song comes on

The song you’ve all been wanting to hear all night. And feeling the excitement and the energy that rushes through the bar as the song plays, while you watch everyone screaming the words and you know that this is just a special, special moment that you will not ever let go of.

That feeling that makes you questions your entire life

Am I really ready to be out in the real world? Will the things I learned in my undergrad even matter? What did I learn during my undergrad?!

That feeling of fear

You and the rest of your graduating class, my friend, including those who snagged jobs prior to graduation. You can (seemingly) have it all figured out and still feel the fear. But guess what, you’re going to be just fine.