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Go Tubing in West Virginia



It’s a lot like the best sledding you’ve ever done. But better. Here are seven reasons why you should drop everything you’re doing and go tubing. Now.

Everything’s ready for you

You don’t have to have any equipment or experience (or snow, for that matter). Just show up, and start tubing.

The hills are awesome

Unlike when you have to try to find the best sledding hill in your neighborhood, and watch for traffic, and trees, and everything else. Tubing hills are shaped to be great.


A lot of times, you have to share sleds. But when you’re tubing, everyone gets a tube, which means everyone can race (!)

Individual lanes

Sledding is a lot more fun when you can choose what lane to go down, instead of just going down the hill. Trust me. Lanes are the way to go.

It’s cheap

Two hours of snow tubing is enough to wear most kids out (and even more adults). If you break it down, it’s a pretty good deal.

No walking up

Let me repeat that. No walking up. Snowtubing at a ski resort includes handy dandy lift service to take you back to the top.

Kids love it

I can’t stress this enough. You can’t really go wrong with big, bouncy sleds added together with kids and multiplied by snow. The math’s a little fuzzy, but that equation works pretty much every time.