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The Los Gatos Theatre has been a fixture in own since 1915, the dawn of the age of motion picture exhibition. Opening as the Strand Theater, it was remodeled after a 1929 fire. The remodel included a new Art Deco look, complete with marquee and murals. It became the Los Gatos Theater in the 1940s, and then in the late 80s the original “single” was turned into a “twin” with a modest interior renovation, at which time Camera Cinemas was brought in to operate the facility.

The vision for the theater involved a complete renovation to reinvigorate the tired old gem. As of the Grand Reopening on May 2, 2014, the theater now features a “new-old” design reminiscent of the original theater’s Art Deco trappings combined with modern conveniences and state-of-the art digital facilities.