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Go to the Flower Parade in The Netherlands



A float featuring a huge sculpture covered in flowers is pulled through the Dutch town of Zundert during the Bloemencorso, or Flower Parade. A flower parade is a parade in which the floats, vehicles, boats, participants, animals and other things are decorated or covered in flowers. Often there are other elements like marching bands and people in costumes. This annual event sees the town's 20 districts compete to produce the best floral float. The floats are made of wire, cardboard and papier-mâché and entirely covered in thousands of dahlias grown specifically for the parade. The parade is held on the first Sunday of September, and construction of the floats begins in May or June. However, to ensure that the floats are bright and colourful, the flowers can only be applied onto the floats in the last three days before the parade. Hundreds of volunteers work around the clock, pinning the dahlias onto the floats. A jury chooses the best float and elects a winning district. The parade has been held since 1936 in Zundert, the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh.