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Quaternary ice formations covered the mount summits of Armenia with snow coat, which started thawing approximately 9 thousand years ago. The relief of the country started forming with the retreat of the last glacier. Consequently, mountain valleys rose rectified by the receding glacier and crateriform bags appeared on the steep slopes of the summits. Some of these bags later marked the area of water of the glacial lakes in Armenia. In the cold mountain climate the thawed snow does not evaporate but fills the reservoirs. Alpinists can come across such lakes on the ranges of Zangezour, Geghama and Vardenis.

Aragats Volcano is the main point for reservoirs. Its slopes boast several lakes, the most famous of which is the Stone Lake (Kari Lake).

Stone Lake (Lake Kari) is a lake in Armenia located in the slopes of Mount mount Aragats mostly formed by ice and snow. It is located 3,190 m above the sea level and has a perimeter of 1,150 m. From Byurakan village an asphalted automobile road stretches towards the source of Arkashen River, the Stone Lake, located on a plateau below the peaks. On the eastern side of the lake there is a meteorological station.