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Shell heaven

Sanibel Island will be celebrating the 78th annual Sanibel Shell Show in 2015. The island is known for being a shell-collectors paradise, and this annual event is a celebration of Sanibel’s beaches — and a guaranteed way to see people doing the “Sanibel Stoop,” a local nickname for bent-over shell collectors.

It’s the perfect family getaway

With calm, warm waters largely free of steep drop-offs, the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel are perfect for families traveling with children. The hotel industry has picked up on the family haven that these areas provide, and many offer condo-style rooms with efficiency kitchens! If you do choose to eat out, most local restaurants have kids menus and are kid-friendly.

Travel like Ponce

The “first tourist” to visit Southwest Florida was Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon. Although there is some speculation as to whether he was actually the first to land in the town he would name “La Florida,” Ponce de Leon remains the namesake for a state park, a lighthouse, and even a small Florida city.


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Madison Fox

Nov 15 at 01:04 am
Well I moved to Florida when I was one and when I moved to Florida I moved to Fort Myers and then I ended up moving to I Ona that's like not even a mile from Sanabel so I go to Sanibel almost every couple days