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Putt-Putt Fun Center is the name of a chain of family amusement centers and miniature golf courses in the United States, Australia, Indonesia, and Lebanon. Although the official name of the company is Putt-Putt Fun Center, since the company's founding in 1954 Putt-Putt has marketed franchises under the names of Putt-Putt Golf, Putt-Putt Golf and Games, and Putt-Putt Fun Centers.

As the world’s first and only copyrighted and branded miniature golf game, all courses were built to exact standards to create a game enjoyed by children and adults alike. We pioneered the use of high quality outdoor carpet and aluminum bump boards and unique obstacles for a consistent roll and bounce. Our skill-based game gave rise to the Professional Putters Association (PPA) that still exists today and has awarded over $8 million in prize money to some of the best putters in the world. All tournaments are played on Putt-Putt copyrighted courses.

Putt-Putt began franchising in the 1950’s and quickly spread across the country and became a brand synonymous with its mission: A safe, clean, affordable entertainment venue for families within their own communities. As the company grew, other attractions were tested and added to expand the original franchise model of two or three Putt-Putt Golf courses into a complete family entertainment center.


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MacKenzie Hand

Dec 05 at 23:39 pm
Went in Pennsylvania with my family

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Mar 15 at 02:54 am

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Jan 11 at 21:07 pm

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Jan 11 at 20:57 pm
hasn't everyone?

Britney Healton

Nov 09 at 22:59 pm
Jeckyl Island mini putt putt put a whole new meaning behind "mini".