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“PMCA has treated Los Angeles to works by California greats…and it is exactly that local pride that makes it such a nice place to visit. From its shows to its staff to its location, the museum is constantly seeking to get people excited and in-the-know about why our part of the world is so great.”

The mission of the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) is to present the breadth of California art and design through exhibitions that explore the cultural dynamics and influences that are unique to California. Informed by the state’s rich mixture of cultures and inspired by its impressive geography, California art has long been defined by a spirit of freedom and experimentation. PMCA exhibitions and educational programs explore the cultural dynamics and influences unique to California that have shaped and defined art in all media.


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Tandra Marsh

Feb 07 at 18:59 pm
checked out museum with my brother for a class