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Brazil Beaches

More than 2,000 beaches stretch along Brazil's shoreline and more than 1,000 islands dot the Atlantic Ocean within the country's limits. While many of them are densely populated, many are preserved ecological sanctuaries.

Amazing Landscapes & Ecosystems

The Amazon River and Rainforest and IguaƧu Falls are the most famous natural attractions in a country that has 62 National Parks and hundreds of conservation units. Brazil holds several records for its wildlife numbers and diversity. As one of the responses to the urgent need to preserve seriously endangered natural treasures, ecotourism and responsible travel initiatives are on the rise, making it possible for more travelers to enjoy Brazil in a sustainable way and opening up perspectives for local communities.

Cities and Towns

Despite all the questionable aspects of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil at the heart of the wave of protests in the country's streets, the tournament has been a catalyst for several changes for the better in the host cities and beyond; many of the newly launched cultural attractions, such as the ones in Belo Horizonte, have depended greatly on the support of private institutions.

Brazilian People and Culture

For hundreds of years, Brazilian culture has been in the making by people with a very diverse ethnic and cultural heritage. A glorious mix of contributions is imprinted in the culture that generated easily recognizable expressions such as bossa nova, capoeira, and the yellow soccer jersey. Strong cultural resilience sustains, for example, the efforts of indigenous peoples and African-Brazilians as they reaffirm their sense of identity through strife. And it's safe to say that the people who have created Brazil are, as a rule, friendly to foreign tourists.

Celebrations & Events

Yes, we have Carnival. And because it's a countrywide celebration, up-and-coming cities are gradually drawing more attention as options to leaders Rio, Salvador, Recife and Olinda.

However, there's much more to the Brazilian calendar. For example, many international travelers have discovered that Reveillon, the Brazilian New Year, is as much fun as Carnival. Here's a sample of the diversity of Brazil's festivals and events.


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