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Street Food

One of the highlights of Thailand is the cuisine, and there's no better way to experience Thai food than eating it on the streets! The most famous street food destination among Westerners is Sukhumvit Soi 38. Open from 6pm until the early morning, you can find a wide range of typical Thai dishes on this busy street. The ingredients are fresh and the food is tasty and cheap. Another great place to sample Thai street food is Yaowarat, Bangkok's beautiful Chinatown. Yaowarat road is packed with market stalls and street-side restaurants.

Floating Markets

If you want to experience a real slice of Thai life, you shouldn't leave Bangkok without visiting a floating market. Floating markets have a long history in Bangkok. In older times, the city was connected by a complex system of canals and much of life was lived along the waterways. Today, most of the canals have been paved over to make roads but some of the traditional floating markets still exist. One of them is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, the most popular floating market in Thailand. Tropical fruits and vegetables, fresh coconut juice and a great selection of Thai dishes like the famous boat noodles are sold on the boats. It is a fun colorful event that will give you an insight into the Thai culinary culture and provides fantastic photo opportunities! Be sure to visit the market early in the morning, before the entire place gets crowded.

It's cheap!

One of the best reasons why Bangkok is great for every College tourist is that it's cheap! You can eat delicious street food meals for $1 or $2, get a beer for $2 and expect quality accommodations for $10/ night, and even a long taxi ride around Bangkok will probably not cost you more than $5.

The currency used in Thailand is the Baht (THB). In Bangkok there are plenty of exchange facilities in public areas, shopping malls and at any bank. It is also possible to exchange your money at the Bangkok airport, but exchange rates may not be the best. Instead of bringing your home currency and then changing it to baht, try to withdraw money from your debit or credit card as rates are usually better. The only negative point is that ATMs incur a 150 or 180 baht fee in addition to the fees added by your home bank.


The city, with its traffic, noise, and smells, can be overwhelming by itself. The best place to escape the hectic city life and enjoy the beauty of nature is Lumphini park, located in the center of Bangkok . Here you can go for a long walk around the artificial lake, have a picnic under a tree or join free aerobic classes in the afternoon. It has a really nice atmosphere and is a world away from everyday city life!

Another lovely place to relax without actually leaving town is Phu Khao Thong, the golden mountain. On top of this artificial there is a wonderful view across the city and its skyline. You'll be surprised by how much greenery Bangkok can have!

Success stories

Kendell McKern

Dec 09 at 08:57 am
Backpacked all of Thailand. Bangkok was beautiful. Full of amazing people, street food, and temples.

Josefine Mattich

Apr 07 at 09:18 am
Had an amazing week in Bangkok

Jovana Prazic

Jan 04 at 15:56 pm
Great, beautiful city, best food!

Axelle Lfs

May 18 at 22:03 pm
A completely unexpected journey ! And what a journey ! Only 5 days but the best memories I have so far !

Bucketlist127 User

May 09 at 23:44 pm

Gary Betts

Mar 06 at 17:28 pm
Only stayed a day or so when landing in Thailand but seemed a nice place. On my trip I certainly saw worse cities and towns

Jaime Kamps-Duac

Feb 13 at 01:36 am
same same but different!

Joulia De Blieck

Jan 11 at 15:40 pm
eerste keer

Kasun Rathnayake

Nov 25 at 00:35 am
Went 2 times

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Jul 02 at 12:14 pm
Completed during 26/5/2016 - 01/6/2016. With 7 friends.

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