• Living well is the best revenge. George Herbert

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Deepen Your Practice

On a retreat, participants are typically offered two classes per day. This gives you the time to deepen your practice which can include working on physical postures, focusing on your breath, and sitting still during meditation.

Healthy Eats

Most retreats provide nutritious meals throughout each day. On my recent trip, organic vegan cuisine was served using fresh produce straight from the farm. The food was so delicious that I even purchased a cookbook from the gift shop so that I could make some of the same recipes at home.


In a time period where many of us rely so heavily on our technology to communicate and do business, it is essential to take a break and unplug! It feels so good to connect with nature and other people without constantly checking text messages, emails, and updating your Facebook status.

New Friends

You are likely to meet people with similar interests when you go on a retreat. When I signed up for my first retreat, the only person I knew was my teacher. After traveling, eating, and doing fun activities with our group, I ended up leaving with new friends.

New Adventures

Whether traveling abroad or just heading a few hours out of town, going to a new place creates an opportunity for new experiences. During my time on the retreat, I took a botanical class where I learned about different plants and how to combine them with essential oils to make a body cream. I was also able to visit a nearby dairy farm where I was given a tour and got to play with the cows and goats.

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