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Go to a Festival



Something special is happening.

Every festival has that special hook to bring in visitors. Maybe it’s a food festival with a star chef, or a music festival with a favorite band. I think even the world’s most boring festivals must be loved by someone!

Locals are more sociable.

If you’re visiting a city during festival season, I think you’ll find the whole city (regardless of who’s attending the festival and who’s not) a bit more friendly. When Berlin hosts its annual film festival, the whole city comes alive with red carpets. It’s a festival that even the locals love and I think it shows. The city comes alive for those two weeks in winter and everyone is just that much more happy and friendly.

It’s a great way to see your favorite bands.

Oftentimes as my favorite bands become more and more popular, the possibility of seeing them live diminishes. It’s some sort of cruel trend. Enter music festivals. If you plan your summer right, you can end up seeing your favorite bands multiple times at a fraction of the cost of a normal one-off ticket. With the added bonus of about a gazillion other bands where you can hopefully discover new music.

Festival food tucks sell the best worst food!

And at overpriced prices — but hey, that’s the fun of it! Give me french fries in a paper cup at anytime and I’m going to love it. Somehow everything just tastes better when you’ve been in the sun all day, dehydrated from drinking warm beer.

If you’re not a camper, it’s surprisingly easy to camp!

I’ve been on a few camping trips but it’s not my preferred way to travel. But give me a festival which requires camping and I’ll be there with open arms! Festival camping is my favorite type of camping — you set up a campground with friends, play silly games and almost always end up having a near-constant barbecue. Plus you quickly make friends with your camping neighbors. Space is usually tight at festival campgrounds.

It’s a different way to experience the same place.

If you’ve already visited a destination, visiting again during a special festival will leave you with a completely different experience. For example, I’ve been to Chicago a handful of times — in winter, in summer, when I was a kid and once in college. And I also visited exclusively to attend the annual summer Lollapalooza festival. I saw a whole different side of the city I’d never known existed before. And I loved it!

They’re dirty. But that’s okay

I like to consider myself a pretty hygienic person. I keep things clean and I don’t particularly enjoy the sensation of being dirty. And yet at festivals, I sometimes relish it! Spending 12 straight hours outside, sweating in the sun, drinking almost exclusively beer and eating fried foods — limited showers and increasingly dirty port-a-potties; I don’t care. I love it. It’s my one chance to let loose and get a bit dirty (and boy do I get dirty!).

Sex, drugs and rock & roll

There’s no question that some festivals are more druggy than others. Don’t ask me how so many people mange to get so many drugs past festival security, but hey, it happens.

It makes less interesting places more interesting

Some places would probably never make it on someone’s travel radar unless there wasn’t a festival. I can’t tell you how many places I’ve wanted to visit simply because I knew about a cool festival happening there. The other weekend it was the Malta Festival in Poznan, Poland — a month-long festival featuring music, dance and theatre from around the world…and all at a very affordable price (sometimes even free!).

People aren’t afraid to talk with strangers

Obviously festivals are different from one another, but anyone who’s been to a particularly happy festival knows what I’m talking about. Festival-goers must have some sort of special high-on-life attitude that makes everyone friendly and fun. I can’t tell you how many strangers I’ve made fast friends with at festivals. When queuing up for food, for drinks, for bands, for toilets… people somehow just open up and happily talk to strangers.


Success stories

Claire Hall

Dec 19 at 12:10 pm
Oxygyn... My very first festival

Lisan Noordegraaf

Jun 22 at 10:07 am

Charlotte Andriani

Jan 20 at 00:14 am
Of course I did this 20303 x

Maude Silva

May 20 at 23:33 pm
Afrikaburn is the most loving festival, happens every year in Cape Town

lisa marysan

May 09 at 21:06 pm

Kim Funnell

Apr 28 at 22:53 pm
oppi Koppi every year

Isabella Van den Ostende

Apr 20 at 17:34 pm


Apr 20 at 10:23 am
Terres du Son

Clair Elliott

Apr 11 at 15:34 pm
was lucky enough to work at t in the park

Emelie Norrman

Apr 06 at 20:30 pm
I went on 3 in 2016, it was the best nights ever.

Cherie Stratton

Apr 02 at 13:20 pm

Tamara Berends

Mar 13 at 02:41 am
I need to go to more festivals.

Pilar Uría

Feb 28 at 07:04 am
Rampage 2016

Rebekah Heale

Feb 26 at 01:17 am
Best night!

Hanna Gaus

Feb 20 at 06:07 am
last year I've been to three festivals. 2014 and '15 I visited one festival each

Serra Lutzen

Feb 16 at 05:59 am
pitchfork 2015. bought beer off a strange. blew bubbles, smoked weed, croud surfed, good times Chicago.

Ellie Davison

Feb 16 at 01:57 am
Creamfields 2016

Jolien S'Jegers

Feb 15 at 23:29 pm
My first festival. Been going to them ever since. Besides the music and people, I just love the atmosphere there. Brilliant, relaxed and full of joy.

Amanda Wellbo

Feb 15 at 09:23 am
emmaboda festival

Anna F

Feb 02 at 23:10 pm
I went to Sziget

Joana Martins

Jan 22 at 14:40 pm


Jan 18 at 15:18 pm
Rock Werchter


Jan 12 at 16:10 pm
rock in rio (ed sheeran)

Ghiselle Gustavsson

Jan 12 at 01:50 am

Nirlisha Pillay

Jan 12 at 01:30 am
Coke fest big concert, outdoors with friends soaking up the sun and fun as we listened to the international lineup of musicians

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 11 at 21:15 pm

Alina Masotti

Jan 08 at 02:36 am
Fun atmosphere

Niki B

Jan 07 at 14:02 pm
Sziget! 2x in a row! Next year again...

Inês Marques

Jan 06 at 20:28 pm
Optimus Alive

Sarah Pfisterer

Jan 02 at 17:18 pm
Southside Festival

Anna Wie

Dec 27 at 11:43 am
It was great!!

Vladislav Ivanov

Dec 19 at 15:31 pm
It was really good experience! Planning to do it more!!!