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Go Skydiving



Human Flight

Ah, mans greatest dream.. Or so they say.

Experience true flight. You have to get out of the boat to swim, right? So get out of the plane! Plain and simple, flying with friends is pretty cool. You can create formations, fly around and take docks or even track horizontally with others similar to birds in a flock! While skydiving you learn to control your body and fly with the relative wind. It’s truly amazing, and can be quite challenging as you progress. Once you learn to fly on your belly, you eventually start learning other disciples and flight orientations including back flying, sit flying and head down. Don’t forget about canopy flight.. That stuff is pretty cool too!

Sense of Freedom

I get a profound feeling of freedom while skydiving.

Anything that may have been on your mind disintegrates. It frees you from any stress or problems that may have been occurring. You’re thousands of feet away from everyday life, surrounded by the vast blue sky while flying.

Beauty & Peacefulness


Yes! You may think that the ride up to altitude and jump will be scary, nerve wracking and intense. And for your first jumps it can be, but once you leave the plane you might see why I say peaceful. There’s nothing like some fresh air and being able to see for miles, or flying past some nice puffy cumulus clouds. Not to mention enjoying the view under canopy thousands of feet above civilization. But my favorite has to be the moment you leave the airplane, flying your body for the next minute with the people around you, trying to improve your flying.

Conquer your Fears

You know that fear..

The natural ingrained human fear of heights, and the feeling of danger. Going through with your first skydive, and conquering all of those natural fears is very rewarding and empowering. I mean you just jumped out of an airplane, what can’t you do now? It definitely can have a positive impact on your perspective of fear and life in general.

Experience Something Incredible

Your first skydive is something you’ll likely never forget.

Sure it might be a little expensive for your first jump, and yeah the actual skydive might not take that long. But the experience has some great depth to it, and the idea of value by time doesn’t apply. If you think about it, the entire experience likely lasted half the day of more! not to mention all the mental, emotional and physiological build up minutes, hours, days or perhaps weeks beforehand. Plus, if you get hooked and continue with the sport, it only costs about $20 for a jump ticket! Or half of your money for the rest of your life..


Success stories

Ash AP

Dec 06 at 08:07 am
went tandem sky diving for my birthday. such an experience and would def love to try solo sky dive

Lisan Noordegraaf

Jun 22 at 11:00 am

Sarah S

Apr 01 at 16:06 pm
Never ever did I think this would be ticked off, but I absolutely loved it and want to go to Switzerland to do it again

Mel Anoid

Jan 16 at 01:10 am
best day of my life!

Medhavi Agarwal

Jan 15 at 20:12 pm
long island


Jan 04 at 23:17 pm
Less scary than bungee jumping.

Charlene M

Jul 27 at 05:53 am
In Virginia, then twice in Covington, Louisiana!

Corinne Neary

Nov 02 at 06:19 am
Went after got legally separated

Josefine Mattich

Apr 07 at 09:22 am
Such a thrill, such a view. Definitely gonna try again

Guilherme Gobetti

Jan 04 at 16:15 pm
Such amazing

Donna George

Aug 22 at 00:15 am
One of the most thrilling things I have ever done

Reilly Smith

Jun 07 at 00:47 am
With some people from work, totally amazing

Sarah Williams

May 18 at 22:34 pm
Tandem skydive completed, one of the best experiences of my life.

Fabiana van der Heiden

Apr 16 at 01:31 am
Did a one week course, did 8 jumps. I blacked out every first 3 seconds of the jumps... made it safely down anyway. Loved to overcome my fears...

sharon Caton

May 03 at 11:22 am
Proposed to after doing a sky drive. ALso did one years ago for charity for premature babies.

Ariel Bosselaar

Mar 26 at 08:11 am
1. Mikey and Vader 2. Mikey, Vader, Ji, Jim, Logger, and Jeremiah

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 03:48 am
It was amazing!

constanta l

Feb 12 at 21:21 pm
h fmx h

Caroline Couture

Jan 21 at 05:41 am
omg that was fun!

Kayligh Nooyens

Dec 28 at 22:10 pm
Ik had hoogtevrees

Billie Andrews

Dec 06 at 22:58 pm
Absolutely Amazing

Tiffany Lemmons

Jun 21 at 09:46 am
Went skydiving for my 30th Birthday

Femke Brouwers

Jun 17 at 19:20 pm
Samen met julie vandingenen