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Go Scuba Diving



Scuba diving is swimming underwater using SCUBA – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Using a cylinder of compressed gas to breathe (usually air, but sometimes other gases), scuba divers can stay underwater much longer than would be possible by just holding their breath - for hours or even days!

With the assistance of equipment such as scuba masks, breathing regulators, buoyancy devices, fins, and gauges scuba divers can explore the underwater world. Modern scuba diving is very safe and easy to learn. All basic skills can be learned in as little as three days.

Whether you want to relax while photographing brightly colored tropical fish, be thrilled by the power and grace of a school of sharks, or make a living working underwater, scuba diving has it all.

You can scuba dive anywhere you can find water. Over two-thirds of the planet is covered by water, so you can dive almost anywhere. Tropical coral reefs tend to be most popular amongst recreational divers but there are also many wonderful things to be found in cold water environments such as lakes, rivers, and quarries.

Divers can be found in all corners of the globe from the tropical reefs of the Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef, to the world's biggest lake in Siberia - even under the ice of Antarctica.

While most dive shops and resorts operate in warm tropical environments it's also common to find local dive centers and dive clubs in most cities around the world – even inland cities with no water.


Success stories

Elayne Hoo

Jun 23 at 15:40 pm
Scuba Diving at Thailand Koh Tao with my beloved soulmate, my boyfriend Ruben. That is my very first time went to scuba dive and I love it, seeing the sea creatures swimming all around you is really amazing. The most amazing thing is doing it first together with my boyfriend. I love it, definitely gonna do it more.

Tigran Aslanyan

Nov 12 at 15:59 pm
Ut was great on yegypt

Sharath Shanth

May 10 at 20:44 pm
Got my open water padi license

Veronika Medeová

Mar 31 at 18:57 pm
So many times in Croatia and Egypt


Jul 24 at 23:14 pm
It was wonderful

Rubi Gastelum

Apr 13 at 00:47 am
It was very scary at first to let go and trust the equipment but it ended up being super fun. I got my Open water certification and my speciality diver certification. I can't wait to do it in Cancun.

Valentina Lomborg

Apr 08 at 05:59 am

Ash AP

Apr 05 at 10:38 am
4 days of amazing scuba diving on Koh Tao island

Berenice Ortiz

Mar 23 at 21:20 pm
I scuba dived in Santorini, Greece, it was beautiful!

Lizzie Whalen

Mar 01 at 15:52 pm
scary but invigorating

Hoosna Jugroop

Feb 25 at 06:33 am

Mohamed Farghly

Feb 21 at 06:59 am

Sudhaivi Sudhir

Jan 24 at 07:38 am
Havelock island.. Andaman!!

Sudhaivi Sudhir

Jan 24 at 07:38 am
Havelock island.. Andaman!!

nancy van Lingen

Jan 21 at 00:33 am
in Egypte

Vladislav Ivanov

Jan 16 at 12:14 pm
It's fun

Valene Joshua

Jan 14 at 22:54 pm
beautiful Tobago

Carly Radford

Jan 13 at 00:45 am
amazing beginner experience, would love to do it again!

Sabrine feelingismy

Jan 06 at 23:43 pm
I was scared from a giant sea snail

Ines Lgl

Jan 06 at 11:35 am
Scuba diving in Koh Phi Phi. Fantastic! Fish, turtles and even a shark!

Megan Larsen

Jan 05 at 11:47 am
Open water in Thailand, diving in India, Advanced Open Water in Philippines, diving in Indonesia and Vanuatu

Annika Timm

Dec 28 at 14:23 pm
when I was 15 at home

Murshidi Hashim

Dec 23 at 17:16 pm
Scuba with Erövra

Billie Andrews

Dec 06 at 23:36 pm
done a few times now

JeongWon Choi

Nov 17 at 15:48 pm
in Palau.

Kiki Ho ho

Nov 14 at 04:07 am
Diving so so much fun!!!!!

Kimberley Ann

Nov 07 at 14:19 pm

Femke Brouwers

Jun 17 at 18:58 pm
Ik wil mooie koraal riffen zien